Alicia P.

This is thrilling. I am just about to start a quilt top but I was (frankly) dreading the crawling around on my knees part!


This IS good news indeed!

I won't have to try desperately to cram a quilt through my poor ol' regular machine again. Hooray!

And look at you and that bebe.


Congrats! Your website looks fantastic!

annette ooyevaar

What a wonderful business idea! So helpful and such an interesting endeavor at the same time. Best wishes in the new adventure!

erin salimena

Hi Gayle, love the website... i am going to post a review for you - five out of five stars.... Gayle has quilted two wedding quilts for our family in the past two years..... they both turned out better than we could have ever dreamed. Gayle offered sage advice about the quilting pattern and the thread color that would look best on each quilt, all completely right on. We were all so impressed and grateful for her talent. She will be getting all of our business from now on (there are a few more unwed cousins out there).

erin salimena and the hurliman aunties.

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