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amy k.

This turned out so sweet! And what a cool way to remember and reuse childhood bedding. Remember my Sesame Street sheets? I sure do.


Your quilt is beautiful! And I've got to say, for this being your 1st blog post, I'm quite impressed. You're already blogging like an experienced blogger. Welcome to our world & thank you for welcoming us to yours. <3

Margaret Goodman

Hi "Grammy" and welcome to blogland. I don't blog myself, but enjoy others, for instance, your daughter's. Over the last several months I have read hers from the beginning one to present and enjoyed it very much. I'm making the "princess and the pea bed" right now for a great niece from her inspiration. I look forward to reading your blog as well, as we are in the same age bracket, and have similar interests. I have not commented on Amy's blog as yet, but love to read each new post, as I am sure I will yours ,too. Welcome!! Margaret


I am glad you are in the 'YES" camp. I think it is not only a wonderfully green way to recycle but one of the best way to keep treasured memories.


My mother used my childhood Holly Hobby sheets to back a quilt she made for me. I love it - the quilt is actually quite elegant topside, but on the flip side, when I snuggle beneath it, I'm taken back to her tucking me into bed as a child. It's a happy thing! Consider me a YES too!

urban craft

This is awesome. THe pacman sheet quilt is perfect. I've never made a quilt before but would love to recreate one of these. Super cool!


I love the Pac-Man quilt! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on using sheets. I'm a YES too :)

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